Welcome to the home of contemporary and chic design. A whole new era. 
A passion for classical and chic design inspired the concept of Jiyane Atelier.
In 2018, Zinhle Jiyane , launched Jiyane Atelier inspired by her vast travel inspirations, fashion and love for furniture.
With a vision of purpose, Jiyane Atelier's business philosophy is founded on the principles of professionalism, quality, productivity and a generous measure of optimism.
At Jiyane Atelier, our brand pillars are reflected in everything we do, from sourcing to service. Thus, we envision a business built on unique design and comfort.
We strive to create a high-end retail environment that focuses on customer service combined with retail experience of exceptional service, paying close attention to detail, with a feel for what each piece would feel like in the customers own environment. Our mission has always been to get this right from the moment we opened our doors.
Through passionate and persistent performance our mission is to design and manufacture furniture affordable to the urban-minded customer.
Jiyane Atelier aims to sell a whole concept, a way of life, a lifestyle.